SINCE 1955

Born in 1955, developed in the Milanese context and now arrived at its third generation, Milor Group is pursuing the objective of encountering everyone's taste thanks to premium quality jewelry. The Group counts more than ten property brands, and not just: many other brands rely on Milor for their production. Thanks to a vertical integration, the Group is able to actively control the whole supply chain. The generous creative production of each brand is aimed to achieve Milor Group’s first purpose: to encounter the desires of each woman and meet their jewelry tastes with items that perfectly match their peculiar personality and attitude.

Indeed, customer centricity represent the Group’s core philosophy and it is ingrained in the organization in order to be recognized by the final decision maker that is the customer. Technological innovation, expertise and attention to details make the company a cornerstone of Made in Italy, linked to the inspiration given by the city of Milan, with its multicultural environment.