Family-owned at its 3rd generation, since 1955 MILOR GROUP roup has relied on innovation of products and services as its core value, proving ORGANIC and CONSISTENT GROWTH through time. Such a vision has allowed MILOR GROUP to grow into a fully VERTICAL and INTEGRATED business, controlling most steps in the jewelry making process. By incorporating its multiple successful business models through time, MILOR GROUP has developed a fully owned, internal know-how in trading, production and logistics while staying true to its vision. Head-quartered in MILAN, ITALY the Company stands for authentic, contemporary designs and forward-thinking jewelry solutions. It provides extreme flexibility, anticipating its customer needs through a system of time honored expertise, specialised skills and trusted facilities in the jewelry field. VERTICAL INTEGRATION aims at fostering excellence at all stages, up the way of the value chain, such as in sourcing and skilled production and down to the market with selective distribution, allowing the Group to control every step of the jewelry process.


Not only a well distributed commitment in various channels helps minimise the
economic impact of external agents. It also ensures all of our Corporate clients benefit from EXCLUSIVE KNOW-HOW and up to date market innovation while MILOR GROUP
grows its ability in anticipating the needs of the final jewelry consumer. This is the reason why a DEDICATED TEAM for White Label productions studies solutions and pilot projects all year long at our head quarters, serving Clients of the likes of big retailers and etailers and international TV and e-commerce networks.