The Albert M brand presents a bold, impeccable collection, rich in innovation, hidden and mysterious stories.The encounter between the oneiric and the suspended realities evokes endless textures like the sea and animalier texture like the tails of the sirens and snakes. Dark chromatic palettes dress the jewels of the Albert M. line with delicacy and decision at the same time. The choice of precious materials and silver 925 gives HIGH QUALITY and grandeur to the jewel. Accessories dedicated to a strong woman who give a halo of hidden beauty and at the same time palpable. The Albert M. collection is made with the INK TEXTURE TECHNIQUE that allows to create an impeccable coloring effect and an ultra-definition of the surface of each jewel. All the creations are made with the best RAW MATERIALS and with high PRECISION procedures that give the jewel a
'Second Skin' effect.

Our Collection